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Posted: Jun 27th, 2010 5:53 PM | Updated: Nov 29th, 2010 6:51 PM


The following is a letter sent to us from a concerned citizen. Sometimes it takes a critical voice, to see the things that need to be changed, for our own safety.

I would like to express my comments regarding safety at the private schools. I have addressed this issue many times, including at Township Meetings. I have not only observed the school boys, between 1:00 & 2:00 in the afternoon, walking several abreast in the street on Massachusetts Ave. & Cross St. But, the other day much to my chagrin, I held my breath as they ran across Rt. 70, jumped the divider and continued walking on the shoulder of the highway. These are the same boys that are bussed to school so they can be safe. Obviously, safety considerations end at this point.

Someone asked me what they should do on their break as "THE TOWN DOES NOT SUPPLY BUSSING DURING BREAK TIME" The answer is very simple. Play in the playground or remain in school as public school children do. If the day is too long, perhaps it needs to be shortened. SHAME on those in charge who allow these unsafe conditions. Let's keep the youngsters of Lakewood free from harm.
CarolĀ  Suckno

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  1. Anonymous says:

    i agree i saw a girl get hit by a car leaving school to visit someone in the hospital at paul kimball children shouldnt be allowed off school grounds during school hours. Its for their own safety.

  2. Bill Hobday says:

    Ms. Suckno is correct. Who is watching out for the safety and wellbeing of school children that attend these schools on heavily traveled roadways? The location of the schools are unsafe, and more are being built.

    I saw the picture of the proposed Chedar School that will serve thousands of Orthodox Children. It looks great. It appears to be located in a safe area, (Industrial Park) off the hi-way, with all of the safety measures that parents should demand for their children. No parent should leave the care of their child to one who does not keep them safe. I see them hitch hiking and asking for rides from strangers. They are walking along narrow county roadways where there are no curbs or sidewalks.

    Where is the educational establishment on this? There needs to be larger, safer, better located schools on interior roadways where there are sidewalks and curbs, where there is public water and sewer, where there is adequate space for buses to pick up and drop off students, where there is a planed presence and adequate recreational areas, where trash dumpsters are in a secure area, away from the school and student body, where there is supervision and rules about where students can go and how they can get there.

    All of this, I would wish for my own child. I simply do not understand how parents do not demand the same for their child. There is an economy of scale in larger, more effective schools. Give these kids a break.

    Bill Hobday

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